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MachMasterVR is a futuristic breakneck-speed future racer where the player must race against 30 other vehicles of similar tier to claim victory.

This game was made to be a tribute to a particular videogame franchise I'd love to see again some day. Unfortunately, the current state of this project requires lots of work to fix. But I'd love to share this Proof of Concept I put together over the course of a year.

My plans are to continue working on this concept : )

Oculus Controls:

  • Right A: Menu Accept/ Accelerate
  • Right B: Menu Cancel
  • Left Analog: Navigate Menus/Steer Vehicle
  • Left Y: Pause Menu

Known Issues:

  • Currently only compatible with Oculus Rift controllers
  • No Audio
  • World serialization was a weak point in this project. If the world is unable to load a Level, it will softlock.
  • World is unable to load the correct course skybox
  • Some issues with Vehicle Collision
  • Some issues with tube/cylinder visuals and collision
  • Only 3 courses load properly before the GP ends (instead of the 6 included)
  • A rare issue can occur where the camera system will malfunction upon level load.

Install instructions

Currently only compatible with Oculus Rift/ Rift S controllers.

Download and extract zip into directory of choice. Run "machmaster.exe" after fixating your headset to your face.


machmasterPOC_0.04.zip 19 MB


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Very cool and retro meets the future. Jesusavesouls !

Thank you! I thoroughly enjoy creating retro future stuff : )

Make it for the quest if you can.